How Christians can homeschool their children in South Africa

It is the duty of Christian parents to labour to bring up their children in the most God fearing manner possible. And the last thing you may want would be to expose a child to an environment that will sabotage or retard the any godly upbringing efforts you may have made both for your sake as well as that of God who demands the godly upbringing. Hence sending a child to a combined religion school can be a big compromise for both his/her physical as well as spiritual safety.

Not only will there be great carelessness on how the children play with others during recess but how the facilitators conduct themselves overall will in one way or another assert against Christian ethics or precepts. Due to the fallen nature of men, how judgement shall be passed between quarrelling children should almost always leave a lot to be desired. This is because only the redeemed are capable of passing godly  judgement in a consinstance basis. Also, a low level of strictness on dealing with censorable behaviour like bullying may sadly be expected no matter how much a pegan school may boost of kids safety due to the beastly tolerance on violence, general indifference and lethargy.

It should however go without saying that ernest Christian facilitators will labour to observe all the above to the greatest extent possible not only from their then Christian benevolent tendency but also for knowledge that they are ministers of God to whom they should give account in that day. This of cause then does mean that if you have access to a sound Christian school, then you should without hesitations take your child/children there instead – whichever the price.

But for parents who may not have immediate access to a sound Christian school (I say sound because not all Christians schools are evangelical in their assertions), then the option of homeschooling (applicable to Christian parents of other nations) should to them be one of the best or competitive alternative. I regret to say that this may not be a privilege that can be enjoyed in all nationalities but blessed be God who will always provision a way to make Christianity work anywhere – even when it means contravening constitutional laws.

This is fortunately permissible in South Africa. Allowing interested parents to detain and homeschool them using either the public school curriculum or that of any private institution (school). It appears that a parent may also source and use any worthy curriculum without having to register with any institution but I should find more info this before I should infer conclusively on the same. To use the public curriculum, one is expected to be in association with one of their local public schools which will then serve as a link for study materials and assessments. In like manner, one would have to register with a private school or institution that empowers or support homeschooling to gain access to any ready made private curriculum.

Now while it is free to go the public school route, you will often find that it is not easy to get by with the relevant officials both at the department or school levels as they tend to be biased in their views of the matter and exhibiting the impression that they would rather have you taking your child to any of the existing public schools. It’s not an impossibility but possibly an unpleasant route. We have found that opting for a private institution involves fewer issues to parents while giving them more of the control they desire over their children.

After registering our grade R child, we received the curriculum material for the grade and never heard from the institution except for monthly email newsletters, office or website downtime and the likes. Never anything about a direct or implied dictation about how we were to facilitate the child. And the wrong crowd was effectively done away with. We are unfortunately currently aware of no sound Christian homeschool empowerment institution but the harm done by using a pagan compiled curriculum is minimal and cannot be compared with that of sending your child to a pagan school.

While a pagan boarding school should be worse, pegan day schools cannot be exceptions either. I should update this article with any preferable homeschooling empowering private institutions should any be sought and found. Otherwise I also dream of understating the compilation of a Christian based curriculum for parents opting to homeschool or set their children under Christian tutors.

Few notes on the subject matter

  • We were charged about R2500 for the year (paid R750 and the remainder in monthly installments)
  • A minimum of 3 hours a day insisted upon.
  • We are with Impaq from Pretoria

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